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A new production system would allow to produce in a more economic and sustainable way

In a historical moment in which the problem with plastics is increasingly felt not only through public opinion, but also among producers, the news that the chemical group Covestro has developed a new high performance T (HPT) resin with a positive environmental balance suitable for many industrial applications has been received with great enthusiasm

The new technopolymer, apart from being resistant to heat and many solvents, is stable and has a higher hardness, and it also can be transformed by injection moulding.

The RWTH Aachen University, Technical University of Berlin, Leipzig Plastics Centre and Airbus have contributed to the project benefiting a three-year loan of 1.5 million of euros provided by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

According to what Covestro said, the study is now focusing on the development of a continuous production process, called DreamCompoundConti, which should guarantee costs and environmental impacts compatible with industrial production: thanks to an innovative system of catalysis, it will be possible to reduce the emissions of CO2 and the consumption of energy during the entire process because the phases of complex processes, requested by the conventional production of technopolymers would be eliminated.

Another element of this new process interesting from the environmental impact point of view, pointed out by an initial evaluation of the RWTH Aachen University is the reduction of over 20% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to analogue technopolymers and the use of less solvents with a positive impact LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of material.

We will follow carefully the evolution of this research in order to understand whether the performance of this new technopolymer will really meet the high expectations both from the point of view performance and from the environmental aspect. As you well know, we at Giplast are very careful both about the environment protection and our clients’ satisfaction.

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