Nuatan: biodegradable and edible plastics


Presented at the London Design FestivalĀ it seems that a completely biodegradable and edible plastic that will replace all other packaging has finally been developed.

It isĀ Nuatan, completely natural bioplastic, consists of corn starch, sugar and cooking oil and, according to its creators (Crafting Plastics Studio) it will be able to replace all packaging as shown by the results of six years of research on materials with the collaboration of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Bratislava. This bioplastic promises not only to last up to 15 years and to be able to resist temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, but also to be perfectly edible.

From what emerged later Nuatan could be worked with traditional plastic moulding techniques or using 3D printers. Moreover, the biodegradability and edibility would eliminate an annoying problem, i.e. disposal of packaging which will be possible to simply throw away into composters.

The only obstacle to overcome and to really replace plastic: the production costs are still very high.

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